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google seo Maximizing Success Using Search Marketing at GoogleWe all know that you have hit it big when you are successful with search marketing on Google. Now, it is really important since all of the post-Panda algo tweaks. There has been so much taking place lately and most people are attempting to understand what they should be doing right now. Then you will run into the people who always manage to be doing bad. Those people are the ones who are still trying to take shortcuts and game the system. But, Google is really making an effort to locate many of these loopholes and put an end to this type of unscrupulous internet marketing.

Google has really cracked down when it comes to how good many links and backlinks might be. Even though they do not want people to engage in SEO, they know it will never stop no matter what they do. Now they are paying special attention to the quality of backlinks. Google has been downgrading certain types of links. This did not just begin recently because Google has basically done this all along. But what used to work a year ago no longer works as well. So what you have really always needed to do is get a variety of links from a variety of sources along with all else.

It is common for Google to not want to see advertising above the fold in most cases for most websites. It is something that people need to deal with, yet it is very dictatorial on their part, even though they own the search engine.

Huge changes have to be made by website owners because of what Google is doing, causing everyone to reorganize. But, it is curious because there are still lots of highly ranked sites, authority sites, that Google seems to be ignoring. At the very least, they are not forcing them to comply. But for the smaller outfits, which is most people in business, there are compliance issues and requirements. If you are a website owner, these are just a few things you have to think about and remember when doing business online.

Content syndication is an effective approach that is somewhat like search marketing. It cannot be tied to article directories. But, you might want to add some of your articles to the best ones. When opting for article syndication, use articles that are good and are longer than the average article. But also use this article on your webpage. Then you can add it other directories also. In the end, you really want your site to come up highest in the search results. Or have articles that are appearing in other places.

You know how hard it has been for marketers and businesses to capture success using search marketing at Google. But you know, that is also true for many other types of marketing and advertising, so avoid thinking this is peculiar to them. We will not bother talking about what Google is doing or if it is fair or not. Houston SEO solutions can offer value to your site visitors, and since you are also in that crowd at some point you can understand why.

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If you’re a new webmaster you may have heard of SEO, but really weren’t sure what it was or how it can help your site. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is important for helping get your site to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. XXBR2 Why would one want higher rankings? To optain more organic traffic. Organic traffic is defined as ‘free’ traffic. In other words, when a surfer lands on your site, it didn’t cost you anything in hard cash for them to get there, as opposed to Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic. Organic traffic can include direct traffic, where a surfer enters your URL into their address bar and lands on your site, and Search Engine (SE) traffic. There are a number of factors that can influence your rank in the search engines. I am going to step you through any of the basics today. XXBR2 1. How do the search engines find my site in the first place? XXBR2 First, you will need to give the search engines a reason to look for you. Either submit your website to them through their online webform, or work with other sites that rank well to get Inbound Links (IBL) to your site. Make sure the site that is linking to you is related to your type of site in any way. This is named relevancy. If the site is not relevant, it will not help you nearly as much as one that is. Most SE’s regard relevancy of links as more important than sheer numbers; however, any free Inbound Link is generally a good thing. XXBR2 There are a few cases where certain inbound links may not be desirable. One type of link that is not considered desirable would be a link that originates from a ‘Link Farm’. Link Farms are classified as a repository of links with no central theme, developed for the sole purpose of trying to increase SERPs ranking. Sometimes this can be difficult to determine, so do not worry about it too much. If you concentrate on trying to get quality Inbound Links, then you’ve nothing to worry about. XXBR2 Once the search engine is aware of your sites existence, it will send an agent to check out your site. Search engines employee programs named ‘bots’ or ‘spiders’ to ‘crawl’ websites. These simple programs will visit your site and try to follow all the links in that site. The spider will look at meta tags, links, and your site’s content and report that information back to the search engine. The search engine then uses an algorithm to determine how your site will be indexed and where. XXBR2 2. What are meta tags? XXBR2 Meta tags are HTML tags that describe certain aspects of your website. Metas can be used to describe the keywords for your theme, a description of your website, who the author is, and the character encoding your site uses, among other things. XXBR2 The two metas that this article is concerned with are the ‘description’ and ‘keywords’ tags. There is any debate in the SEO field as to how important meta tags are. Regardless of whether one SEO believes that they are worthless and another is a stout believer in meta tags is irrelevant to this articel. It is still important that you know what they are and how they are used. During times when any of the ‘big boys’ may ignore your meta tags, a lot of the smaller Search Engines and Directories still use them. XXBR2 The first meta tag is the ‘description’, and it is just that – a description of your site written in plain English. As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to keep your description under 250 characters. Descriptions that are too long will not be displayed fully by the SEs, so keep it short and sweet (KISS). A sample description for this article could be: “An article about basic Search Engine Optimization”. See? Short and sweet. XXBR2 The keywords tags describes the keywords of your website. Keywords are single or multiple words (phrases) that also describe your site. For those of you into social bookmarking, think of them as ‘Tags’. As an example, the keywords for this article could be: search engine optimization, SEO, SERPs, webmaster, and basic. XXBR2 3. Links, backlinks and reciprocal linking XXBR2 Links can be inbound or outbound. When you link out to another site, you’re telling the world that you think that other site is related to yours and that you believe it is important. If your website is about cooking, but you’ve a lot of links to webmaster resources, you may be hurting your potential ranking in the search engines, because, webmaster links have no relevancy to cooking. This is not to say you can not link to your friend’s website if theirs is unrelated to yours. You can. You just want to be sure that the majority of your outbound links are relevant to your site. XXBR2 Also, you want more inbound links than outbound, ideally. In the beginning that is difficult, as people do not know about your site, and more importantly do not know if your site is a quality that they would want to associate theirs with. This is where reciprocal linking can be a very good thing. XXBR2 Reciprocal linking is where you link to another related site, and they link back to you. During times when this does not have the impact that one way backlinks (inbound) do, it is still a good strategy to get your site noticed. Go to related sites, even sites you may consider as competitors, and find their “Links” or “Resources” page. On that page, many sites will tell you how to exchange links with them. If they do not have any information on link exchanging, just send them an email. A good strategy to get them to link to you, is to link to them first. That way when you send your email requesting a backlink, you can say “Hey, check out my site, I’ve already linked to you. Please return the favor.” XXBR2 4. Submitting to directories and search engines XXBR2 There are really thousands of search engines and directories out there. Many are aimed at very specific niches, whereas others just want to be the next Google. Regardless, these are opportunities to get your site more backlinks without having to provide a reciprocal link in most cases. XXBR2 First, do not bother submitting your site to Google using the form they have. It is pointless. Google will find your site when it is ready. A sure way to get Google interested in your site is to get a backlink from a very well respected website. Notice, I didn’t say high ranking, although the two generally go hand in hand. Google uses Page Rank, otherwise known as PR, to help determine how important a site is. Page Rank is a scale of 1 – 10. You can use many different tools to determine what Page Rank a page is, but the easiest is Google’s toolbar. You can download it at With Google’s toolbar, you can instantly tell what a site’s Page Rank is. At the time of this writing,, has a PR of 4. XXBR2 So, back to my point, get a site with a high Page Rank, 6 or higher, to link to your site. Google will find that link when it crawls the other site, and that will lead to Google crawling, and indexing your site much faster than if you submit your site directly to Google. XXBR2 Another suggestion is to upload a sitemap to Google. A sitemap is a simple XML document that describes your site to Google. Once you upload a sitemap, Google will generally crawl your website in one week. You can find Google’s Sitemaps page here: XXBR2 Many other search engines actually do not bother with getting their own results, they just scrape Google’s. So, when you get indexed on Google, that will filter down (eventually) to many other sites. A site that is definitely worthwhile submitting to is: DMOZ, or the Open Directory Project, is the oldest and most respected ‘human edited’ directory, and is the basis for many other directories. In fact if you go to (Google Directory), you will find that it is just a mirror of DMOZ. No kidding, Google gets its listings for the Google Directory from somewhere else. So, if Google trusts them, it can be a big boost to get your site listed on DMOZ. The problem you will run into: because DMOZ is human edited, all submissions are looked at by…wait for it…humans. So, it could be any place from 5 minutes to many years before you get a listing in DMOZ. This is one of the most annoying processes for a SEO professional, but also the one of the biggest reasons DMOZ commands so much respect. XXBR2 Here are any additional directory and search engines listings I’ve found that you may find useful: XXBR2 XXBR1 XXBR1 – this will submit your site to 40 directories with one click XXBR1 – personal favorite of mine, when you submit here, they’ll crawl your site immediately and index you in one hour on 3 different sites. XXBR1 – Yahoo! XXBR1 – MSN XXBR1 XXBR1 – Yahoo! Directory XXBR2 Last, I do not recommend paying for inclusion to any site other than Yahoo! directory, and you should only consider this cost if you’re confident that you’ve a quality site, and said site is going to make you money. The submission cost is a non-refundable $299 (at the time of this writing) and does not guarantee acceptance. If you’ve a quality site and it is accepted, this can help in many ways, including Google taking more notice in your site. The reason Google likes sites listed in Yahoo!s directory is this: the site owner was willing to spend almost $300 to be included in a directory, and they were accepted by the #1 site on the world wide web (site statistic is according to XXBR2 5. In conclusion XXBR2 This article just barely scratches the surface of SEO, but hopefully has clarified any of the mystery of what SEO is and what it can do for you. Remember, try to get as many Inbound Links as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for them. Reciprocal links are a good way to get noticed. Last, have fun with it. In future articles I will expand on any of these topics even further. Feel free to comment or ask questions at XXBR2

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27382870296 f0f39757f4 Seo Tools Software If you have a web based business you already know how important traffic is to the health of your business. The best way to get more traffic to your site is through using SEO, or search engine optimization effectively. Many SEO tools have been created with the aim of making this an easier process for website owners, who don’t always have the time to spend hours on making sure that their websites are properly optimized. However, there are a lot of different SEO tools out there and not all of them do the same things. In this article, we’ll cover three kinds of SEO tools which are must-haves for any web based business owner who wants their business to thrive in the competitive world of online business. XXBR2 SEO Tool #1 – Backlink Checkers ? A backlink checker can be extremely helpful in getting more out of your business’ online presence. Backlinks (links which point to your website from other sites) are great for increasing your page ranking and of course, they provide another way for people to find your website. It can be useful to know who is linking to your site and how many sites link to your own. These tools can even tell you how well your competitors are doing when it comes to backlinks. XXBR2 SEO Tool #2 – Keyword Density Checkers ? An incredibly useful SEO tool, these examine the keyword density of your website. Keywords are what get people into your website, by and large and are a big part of your search engine rankings. Using the right keywords in the right density will help your site to work its way towards the top of search results pages and bring in a lot of traffic along the way. A good keyword density checker will give you the data you need to ensure that your site is properly optimized. XXBR2 SEO Tool #3 – Keyword Research Software ? This is a very important tool to have, especially when building your website. You’ll need to use the right keywords ? the ones that will get you’re the best results when creating content for your website and when you’re writing copy for your online advertising, particularly pay per click ads. The choice of keywords in a pay per click campaign can mean the difference between dramatically increased traffic and getting little to no results. Keyword research tools will help you to find the keywords which will bring the greatest benefit to your site. XXBR2

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8535575479 98a1dfb86c Keyword Optimization Tool Free Keyword Elite is an extremely popular software created by Brad Callen which is used by internet marketers to get the most profitable website traffic. This article explains how to properly use Keyword Elite to increase the amount of targeted traffic to your websites. XXBR2 When go to the Google home page and type in any keyword or phrase in the Google search box Google will then come up with a list of websites pertinent to the keyword you typed in. The websites on the left of the page are websites who have typically worked incredibly hard to optimize their sitee and get high quality, targeted back links for their website. These sites don’t pay any money to be in that position, their hard work has been rewarded with top Google rankings. XXBR1 XXBR1 If you glance to the right of the page you’ll usually see any ads appearing on the right in column format. There will also be any ads usually at the very top of the page. These ads are by Google Adwords advertisers. These advertisers are paying to be in that position to get their ads in front of people in the hope that their ads will be clicked on. One portion of website owners have got there for free. The other are paying for the service. XXBR2 There is a software tool that can help you with both your search engine optimization for your website and your Google Adwords campaigns and I’m going to reveal how to use that tool for these purposes. XXBR2 To use it for purely free search engine optimization follow these simple steps: XXBR2 Select Project 1 which is “create a keyword list”. Then in step 2 insert the main keyword that you believe you want to use to actively promote your website. Let’s say your site was about bonsai gardening, that’s the phrase that you would put into step 2. Next go to step 3 and choose Overture and move the slider in step 4 to just 100 keywords. XXBR2 As we aren’t after a huge keyword list but a smaller list of highly targeted and related keywords we choose Overture and a small number of keywords. Then once Keyword Elite has completed the task click on “report view” and “edit tab”. This is the place to further analyze competitive keywords. XXBR1 Our goal now is to find out how much traffic these specific keywords would generate to our websites if we either used these words on Google Adwords or had high search engine rankings for these particular keywords. XXBR2 Alternatively you could try using free keyword tools. XXBR1 Such tools are the Overture keyword tool, the Good Keywords tool and even the Adwords keyword tool. XXBR2 Click on the first keyword in the generated list and just scroll down 15 or 20 words from the top. Select the top 20 keywords by holding SHIFT on your keyboard and clicking the 20th keyword. Simply right click and select “send keywords to project 2” from the menu. Many of the projects are, in fact, interactive with one another. XXBR2 The software will automatically insert the keywords that you have selected into project 2. XXBR2 Next simply select all of the search engines in step 3 as we want to get as much information as we possibly can about these 20 keywords. In step 4 of this project choose KEI, Google broad match and Top Bids. Then click okay. XXBR2 After the software starts processing this task click on “report view”. The area that’s critical for us to analyze is “searches column” as this is the column that’ll give us a rough guide of how many visitors we would anticipate to get if we were ranking well in Overture for that term every month. To get an idea of the Google traffic you would get from a top Google ranking then multiply that Overture figure by 7. XXBR1 This project is a excellent way of analyzing whether to optimize your website for that keyword. XXBR2 It is important to sort the “searches column” list in descending order so that the keyword that generates the most traffic is at the top. XXBR2 I would advise that if your website is new (under a year old) you should not optimize your site for the top keyword. It is much easier when starting out to rank well for longer keyword tail phrases. So for this purpose I would suggest selecting 1-3 of the other keywords generated when you are first starting out. XXBR2 Getting back to our project, click on the R/S ratio column as this will put the list in ascending order. You will then see keywords that have a low R/S ratio which means few people are advertising on these keywords, however, the good news is that there are a lot of monthly searches for this keyword. Therefore, it is a good niche to get started with as there is low competition but a lot of searches (buyers) looking for information on this topic. XXBR2 You will also notice the Adwords CPC column and also clicks and position columns. This information tells us that if, for example, we had a number 1 position for bonsai gardening what we would anticipate to pay per click and how many clicks we would anticipate to receive every day. XXBR2 This is a very powerful way of using Keyword Elite to see whether or not it is a good idea, and profitable, to bid on a certain keyword. This report will also tell you the number of other advertisers there are on Adwords. Typically, the ideal and most profitable keywords are usually the ones that have around 8-13 advertisers. This shows that people are making money on this keyword plus the fact that there isn’t too much competition. XXBR2 Of course at this point you could also use Project 5 and legally spy on your competitors to find keywords that they are advertising on for more than a week. XXBR2 If there are under 3 advertisers for your keyword it probably means that people have tried advertising on that keyword and it has not proved profitable. So at this point take advantage of this software and let it help you avoid making the same mistakes that other advertisers have already may. XXBR2

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